Specialty Equipment & FX for Motion Picture Productions
23’ Jib Arm on Doorway Dolly

23’ Jib Arm is sectional jib arm. 

Configured in 5’ (152.4cm) sections from 10’ (304.8cm) to a length of 23’ (7.0m). 

Rotates 360 degrees and enables the operator to position the camera at various elevations from
–9’ to 19’ high
(4x) 5’ Sections, (1x) 3’ Section (1x), 5’ Vertical,
(2x)35lb, (2x)25lb, (2x)5lb 
Colour Coated tension cables
(2x) Cases
Doorway Dolly (30” width)
85mm Bowl Head

Assembly:  2 Person @ 20 minute

Max Camera Kit Weight 


Rain Maker FX

Creates a light rain effect over a 3’ radius over subject. Works with standard 3/4” garden hose at 40-90psi.

Mobile setups require 1000L tote paired with jet pump.

Flatbed Truck

Flatbed on a Dodge Sprinter Diesel

Water truck, Camera Jib Arm Truck

E46 Camera Car

Seats 1 Driver & 1 Passenger 
Will include Camera Car Driver.

Portable Electric Powerbank (1500W Generator)

Power everything from lights, 12V fridges, camera devices, fans, more.

1500 Watt of AC Power through a True sine wave inverter (3500W Surge)

Light Bulb (11 W): 138h
WiFi Router (25 W): 61h
Portable Fridge (25 W): 61h
Mini Fridge(35 W): 44h
Full Size Refrigerator (55 W): 28h
Pellet Grill (60 W): 26h
TV (42" LED) (100 W): 15h
Projector (300 W): 5h
Microwave (1000 W): 2h
Circular Saw (13 Amp) (1500 W): 1h

Size: (387 x 259 x 263 mm)
Weight: 20.7 kg


LED Lights


Apple Box’s
Full, Half, Quarters, Pancakes

Set Cubes
24x24x36, Custom Size Avail.

Closed Trailer 6'x12'

Ball Mount: 2", Rear Door Entrance: 61.5" Width x 70" Height

Toronto, Based

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